Rosemary's Blog


This is my first blog.  I am Rosemary Vasquez Tuthill, the daughter of renowned painter Emigdio Vasquez.  I paint portraits, still life, and historical subjects in oils.  I also paint murals. 

In this blog, I am writing about art from the perspectives growing up with art, having a famous artist father, and venturing into the art world on my own.  I paint from my home studio in Eastvale, California where I work with community organizations, museums, and galleries to show my and my father’s art as well as teaching art to eager students.

Growing up as the daughter of renowned artist Emigdio Vasquez, art has been paramount my entire life. Through my art, I felt a bond with my father working in oils and acrylics and through his oversight, I studied his style and techniques that he gained from his studies of the masters.

In my works, I tend to approach my subjects' representations based on selected influences. For example, my still-life paintings are influenced by the masters with multiple layers and light effects. My portraits tend to be more photo realistic.  However, I also like to approach some with a more gritty overcast.

In portraits, the subject can be represented in many ways from photo-realistic, to gritty, to pop, to old Masters Renaissance, to abstract and beyond. 

I am interested to learn how others like portraits to look.  Let me know and check back as I give my insights to growing up with art!